About Us

We've helped companies increase sales and improve workflow efficiency since 2005.

Long before others did, Speed Up recognized how combining ERP with mobility can give organizations, large and small, major competitive advantages.

The experience and knowledge gained over the years have enabled us to continually enhance our systems.

Today we proudly offer the ultimate product in the field: Speed Up ERP, a cloud- and mobile-based
business-process automation system, i.e., a mobile app that is connected to the cloud.

We've made flexibility a key differentiator.

What sets Speed Up ERP clearly apart is the tremendous amount of flexibility it provides. We designed the system so that it can readily adapt to virtually any user need. In effect, we will give you your own customized system within the system.

The City of Stockholm
demonstrates how well it all works.

Since 2010, our system has been employed with great success by the City of Stockholm, as well as in conjunction with its contractors. It puts everyone on the same page, to everyone's benefit.

While companies can still make significant improvements without the full participation of suppliers/contractors, the City of Stockholm's experience shows the enormous potential that Speed Up ERP offers.

User Benefits

Speed Up ERP generates a remarkable range of user benefits.

Companies and organizations of all types and sizes can profit by implementing Speed Up ERP. With it you can:

Workflow Process

Handle the entire workflow process from potential job to final invoicing.

Increase sales

Increase sales by speeding up communication with customers and enabling them to create more jobs.

Improve quality

Improve quality by overseeing the work of vendors/ contractors and having real-time status of tickets.


Reduce administration

Reduce administrative costs by automating key functions and by giving field workers the ability to finish also the administration part of the work in field.


Document the work performed to your customers.